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Sunday, March 20, 2016

HERE'S AN IDEA - Suggestions and How-To For Hanging A Baby Blanket As A Nursery Wall Decoration

Decorating baby nurseries is so much fun.  I LOVE it and I'm always looking for ways to create bright and happy decorations for the nursery walls.  So, when I was creating the products for my "It's Raining Baby Showers" products gallery I thought of baby blankets.

Not only are they a practical item for a baby, but they can also be used as a decoration for the nursery walls.  Like a wall art quilt.

There are all sorts of methods for hanging your baby blanket.  Here's a quick and easy baby blanket wall hanging method:

How-To Create A Baby Blanket Wall Hanging
Supplies Needed:

Baby blanket, 1/4" wood dowel, 1/4 Yard 45" Wide Baby Fabric, sewing thread, sewing needle, saw, sewing machine, iron, nails, hammer.


1)  Measure the width of the baby blanket.

2)  Cut the 1/4" dowel 1/2" shorter than the width of the baby blanket.

3)  Cut a piece of the baby fabric 2" long and 2" shorter than the width of the baby blanket.

4)  Turn the 2" side ends of the baby fabric under 1/4" WST (wrong sides together) and stitch.

5)  Fold the width of the baby fabric sides RST (right sides together) and then stitch 1/4" away from the edge to form a long tube.

6)  Turn the tube RSO (right sides out) and iron flat.

7)  Align and center the top of the tube with the top and sides of the baby blanket about 1" from the top edge of the blanket.

8)  Blind stitch the full length of the top and bottom of the tube to the back of the baby blanket making sure your stitches do not show on the front of the blanket.  Do not stitch the sides of the tube as this is where you will be inserting the dowel.

9)  Insert and center the 1/4" dowel inside the tube with the ends of the dowel exposed on the left and right hand sides of the tube.

10) You are going to hang the blanket from the two exposed ends of the dowel so measure the blanket for the distance between the two nails and the height you want the blanket to hang on the wall.

11) Hammer the nails into the wall and hang the baby blanket.

We have several different "It's Raining Baby Showers Baby Blanketsdesigns, any of which would  look adorable on a baby nursery wall.

"It's Raining Baby Showers Baby Blankets

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