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Friday, March 11, 2016

The Doll Products Lines Series - Baby Nicky - Baby Shower Centerpiece Doll Products Gallery Designs & Collections

As far as babies go "Baby Nicky" is an adorable doll.  I created him based on my grandson as a decoration for a baby's room or as a centerpiece for a baby shower and is part of my Baby Shower Series.  He's a Waldorf inspired doll and is just plain adorable with the most beautful mass of brown curly hair.  How can you possibly resist him?

Baby Nicky is so adorable you just can't resist him.

Nicky is a free-standing Waldorf inspired boy doll in his pajamas and ready for bedtime. He has an undershirt, flannel jacket with long rolled sleeves and pipe trim, and flannel pajama bottoms. He has round black button eyes, a fabric covered wood head, wood body and wood feet covered with slipper socks. He has long curly brown hair and has a night cap knotted at the end on his head. He is carrying a teddy bear in his left hand and a cherished flannel blankie in his right hand.

Baby Nicky is so adorable you just want to squeeze him. With that massive head of curly hair you can't help but love him. He's the perfect image of a cute baby boy.

And, he's all ready for his bedtime story. He has his "blankie" and his "teddy" so he's all set to go.

Will you read him a story?

If you'd like to read the stories "Baby Nicky  -  Baby Shower Centerpiece Doll" is involved in on "The Dollie Storage Room" blog please CLICK HERE.

Baby Nicky E-Patterns 

Baby Nicky E-PATTERN

3 in 1 Baby Nicky Quilt, Tote & Pillows Combo E-Pattern

Nicky Baby Pink and Blue Mini Quilt E-Pattern

Baby Nicky Pillows E-Pattern

 Baby Nicky Pink and Blue Umbrellas Tote Bag E-Pattern
Baby Nicky's Tote Bag E-Pattern

Everything in our "Baby Nicky" collection has been designed to match all the other "Baby Nicky" products in our "It's Raining Baby Showers" website. So, you can mix and match with our patterns, cut and sew ornaments, fabrics, and printables.

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Our "Baby Nicky" baby shower invitations, return address labels, and address labels can all be personalized to fit the specifics of your baby shower.

We've got a great selection of baby store products.

Baby Nicky Handmade Dolls & Crafts

Baby Nicky Boy Pillow Handmade Baby Shower Pillow

Baby Nicky Girl Pillow Handmade Baby Shower Pillow

Baby Nicky Pink and Blue Umbrellas Handmade Mini Tote Bag

Baby Nicky's Custom Fabric Handmade Tote Bag

Nicky Baby Pink and Blue Handmade Wall Quilt Decoration

Baby Nicky Blue Handmade Cut and Sew Ornament Set

Baby Nicky Pink Handmade Cut and Sew Ornament Set 

Baby Nicky Pink and Blue Handmade Cut and Sew Ornaments Set 

Baby Nicky Cut and Sew Doll Ornaments Kit

Baby Nicky Boy Cut and Sew Fabric Ornaments Kit

Baby Nicky Girl Cut and Sew Fabric Ornaments Kit

Baby Nicky Combo Cut and Sew Fabric Ornaments Kit

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