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Sunday, June 7, 2015

My Free Pretty Baby Tree Centerpiece Baby Shower Decoration E-Pattern

I just love decorating - especially if I'm decorating with adorable pink and blue baby colors and adorable custom baby fabrics. If you do, too, then you're going to love my free "Pretty Baby Tree" baby shower centerpiece e-pattern

"Pretty Baby Tree" just makes a delightful baby shower decoration and is a wonderful centerpiece for any honoree's table or for the individual guest table.  Imagine a "Pretty Baby Tree" as the centerpiece of a food table filled with pink and blue cupcakes.  It would just look adorable.

"Pretty Baby Tree" is a pattern to create a cheery 17" baby shower tree centerpiece and was created using3 yards of various fat quarters from my It’s Raining Baby Shower Fabrics Collections, as follows:

The tree is made of Styrofoam and is glued to a wood stained dowel and wood stained square base.

My baby fabric is cut into various lengths and then gathered together to form the individual tiers that encircle the tree from top to bottom.  Lace trim is glued to the bottom of the tree and adorns the stained square wood base.  A yo-yo is used to finish the top of the tree.

"Pretty Baby Tree" makes an adorable baby shower centerpiece decoration and a wonderful decoration for the mother-to-be.

To view and download my free e-pattern please CLICK HERE.  You'll be brought to Google Drive where you can view our free e-pattern. Then just download our free .pdf e-pattern by clicking on the down arrow in the top center.

Once our e-product is downloaded to your computer you can save it and print it. We hope you enjoy our free e-products.

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