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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Baby Shower Centerpieces Patterns and Baby Shower Favors Patterns

Several years ago I wrote a blog post about a customer request for "An Unusual Witch!" that got got me to thinking about babies and baby showers - which I just love. Don't you?

I lvoe them so much I just had to design baby shower centerpieces and favors that anyone could make for decorations at a baby shower.

I wanted something for the centerpieces that would capture the guests attention and decided that a baby boy and baby girl doll around 16" tall each would be perfect. Something that could stand alone and be easy to make.

I also wanted the centerpiece to look soft, cuddly, warm and inviting so I decided to create my dolls out of some old flannel pillowcases that my sister had given me. You see, in our family we never throw anything away that could be used in sewing or crafts. So, as you might expect I get a LOT of stuff. In any event, the old flannel pillowcases were perfect for the two baby centerpiece dolls I had in mind.

After the centerpieces were designed I decided that I wanted to design some FUN baby shower favors. Again, the key was they would be easy to make and could end up being ornaments for the guests to bring home. Plus, I wanted a variety of different kinds of favors that could be made.

So, I designed several differnt kinds of baby shower favors.  Why so many?  Well, I tend to like variety - the more the better. Someone else might just want to create one kind of favor and make just that one for all the baby shower guests. Either works as they are all easy and fun to make.


While thinking about what to make I thought about my grandson who was born 31 weeks premature and the time he spent in a special care nursery. The nurses would wrap the babies in a swaddling blanket which allowed them to easily carry the premature babies around. Almost like carrying around footballs.

They taught all the family members how to bathe, feed, and dress the babies so I learned how to wrap my grandson in a swaddling blanket. So, I thought maybe a baby shower favor with a baby head sticking out of a swaddling blanket would be cute. The swaddling baby ornaments, pictured above, are really easy and fun to make.


Then I decided I wanted to create baby heads that could stand alone or hang as ornaments and decided to use wooden spools and terracotta pots as the base.

I have to admit that I just LOVED making the baby heads on the pink and blue spools, pictured above. I was laughing my head off while creating them and when my husband saw the finished heads lined up on the table he started laughing as well.

I wanted something that would make everyone smile and when you're looking down on them you can't help but laugh. I would hope you would agree.

They would definitely make for a very enjoyable baby shower. Just picture a room filled with tables and a baby head favor holding the place setting for each guest. Plus, the guests can take them home to function as pincushions and a nostalgic reminder of a wonderful baby shower.

I also enjoyed working with the terracotta pots and baby heads. I love crafting with terracotta and try to think of different ways to combine the flower pots with my doll creations. I've created various holiday ornaments using terracotta and thought the baby heads would be perfect. Again, they could stand alone or could be hung as ornaments by their ribbon hangers.

If you're hosting a baby shower and are looking for some wonderful, unique, and unusual baby shower centerpieces and baby shower favors to make that will get your guests laughing I think my latest designs fit the bill.

Enjoy the shower!

“It's A Boy”, 16” Baby Shower Centerpiece Doll and Decoration Pattern - Baby Shower Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner 

“It's A Girl!”, 16” Baby Shower Centerpiece Doll and Decoration Pattern - Baby Shower Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner 

"Swaddling Baby Boys!”, 8” Baby Shower Favors and Ornaments E-Pattern - Baby Shower Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner 

"Swaddling Baby Girls!”, 8” Baby Shower Favors and Ornaments E-Pattern - Baby Shower Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner

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