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Monday, June 1, 2015

A Waldorf Inspired Baby Doll - Baby Nicky Baby Shower Centerpiece Doll Pattern & E-Pattern

As far as babies go "Baby Nicky" is an adorable doll.  I created him based on my grandson as a decoration for a baby's room or as a centerpiece for a baby shower and is part of my Baby Shower Series.  He's a Waldorf inspired doll and is just plain adorable with the most beautful mass of brown curly hair.  How can you possibly resist him?

Baby Nicky is so adorable you just can't resist him.

Nicky is a free-standing Waldorf inspired boy doll in his pajamas and ready for bedtime. He has an undershirt, flannel jacket with long rolled sleeves and pipe trim, and flannel pajama bottoms. He has round black button eyes, a fabric covered wood head, wood body and wood feet covered with slipper socks. He has long curly brown hair and has a night cap knotted at the end on his head. He is carrying a teddy bear in his left hand and a cherished flannel blankie in his right hand.

Baby Nicky is so adorable you just want to squeeze him. With that massive head of curly hair you can't help but love him. He's the perfect image of a cute baby boy.

And, he's all ready for his bedtime story. He has his "blankie" and his "teddy" so he's all set to go.

Will you read him a story?

Baby Nicky's Story

If you decide to read him a story perhaps you might want to read him the story of his creation. Here's his story:

Let's hear it for the boys! Let's hear it for the boys!

When I think of the boys I think of that song and then I can't get the tune out of my head. That's a little irritating and so are the boys from time to time. As they say, "Boys will be boys!" And, in "The Dollie Storage Rom!" they certainly are.

That is with the exception of one REALLY, really nice and really behaved boy. He never gets into trouble, like some of the boys who will remain nameless.

"Baby Nicky" is a B-A-B-Y. How much trouble can he get into? Believe it or not in "The Dollie Storage Room" a LOT! But, he's so nice and so cute. And, he's just a BABY - right!

Baby Nicky is so adorable you just want to squeeze him. With that massive head of curly hair you can't help but love him. He's the perfect image of a cute baby boy.

And, he's all ready for his bedtime story. He has his "blankie" and his "teddy" so he's all set to go. Will you read him a story?

"Baby Nicky" was named after my grandson, Nicky, who I affectionately call "Noodles."

Like his brother he too is adorable, cuddly, lovable, and has the most enviable head of brown curly hair that you'd ever want to see. I would give my eye teeth, so to speak, for his curly hair.

He, on the other hand, would probably prefer my straight hair. Well, boys will be boys, and girls will be girls. We always want just the opposite, don't we?

My grandson "Nicky" was born premature at 31 weeks weighting 3 pounds 1 ounce and spent the first 9 weeks of his life in an intensive care unit. The nurses there were exceptional and treated Nicky as if he were one of their own. In fact, I began to wonder, at times, if they were dragging out his release just because they loved him so.

Fifteen minutes after Nicky was born his Dad took us in to the intensive care unit to see him. I couldn't get over how humanly perfect he was at just 3 pounds 1 ounce. He just looked like a very, very tiny little man.

I don't know what I was expecting to see but, he just took my breathe away. Even then he had a full head of brown hair. It wasn't curly just yet but would be within a matter of time.

His Mom, who was my biggest fan besides my husband and my Mother, used to give me all Nicky's baby clothes and shoes for my dolls. I know she was hoping that they would all come back to her in one way or another in the form of a doll for her house. A lot did.

In any event, I just loved all Nicky's little baby clothes. There's just something special about tiny little Reeboks and little denims. I can remember shopping with her one day at a "Baby Gap" store. The picture on the right is of the 2ND "Baby Nicky" doll that I made just for me. He is wearing the outfit we bought that day.

We went in and just laughed and laughed at how tiny everything was. I just loved all the clothes and so did she. We went shopping several times after that for clothes for Nicky and always came away laughing. Sometimes we bought some. Sometimes we just went to look and laugh.

So, I knew I wanted to create a doll that would remind me of Nicky and his full head of curly brown hair and his most adorable baby clothes. That's how "Baby Nicky" was born. Isn't he adorable?

Don't you just want to grab all those curls? I do.

In fact, I used to hate it when his father would cut all his curls off. I tried to teach "Nicky" to tell his Dad "Don't cut my Hair!" It didn't work.

Maybe someday Nicky will realize how beautiful his head of curly brown hair is and leave it alone.

Yeah, sure, Nana! Dream on!

Every time I look at the "Baby Nicky" doll I can't help but remember how small and tiny "Nicky" was at 3 pounds 1 ounce and think "how precious life is!"

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