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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sleepy Baby Booties - New Baby Shower Pattern and E-Pattern

Any time I get to work with babies and baby shower crafts I'm in designer's heaven. I could blissfully sew and create dolls, favors, and ornaments for my "It's Raining Baby Showers"  line for hours and days on end. So, when I get to work with any of my baby shower dolls and crafts I couldn't be happier.

How could I not be?

I love dealing with the incredible cheery colors of baby girl pink and baby boy blue. It doesn't get much cheerier than that.

Here's a few of my may shower dolls & crafts that I loved creating.

"Sleepy Baby Booties" are two of the most adorable baby favors you'd ever want to meet. They're just so cheery, so positive, and so happy to be part of any baby shower.

"Sleepy Baby Booties" is a pattern to create two an 3 1/2" by 4" baby shoe favor ornaments. Each baby head is sitting in their respective baby bootie. Both of the hats are made using my It's A Girl/Boy Pink and Blue Circles Fabric. White Pompoms adorn the tips of their hats.

Their heads are made of muslin and their faces are embroidered with two black beads for eyes. They have mohair hair and rosy pink blushed cheeks. Their booties are made of wool felt and their laces are tied with pink or blue embroidery floss. Ribbon bows adorn the back of their shoes and tops of their heads.

"Sleepy Baby Booties" make adorable favors for any baby shower and adorable decorations or ornaments for any mother-to-be or grandmother-to-be. Actually, they're a great way to tell just about anyone that you are expecting.

I hope you enjoy creating your own Sleepy Baby Booties as much I did.

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