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Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's A Boy! Baby Shower Centerpiece Doll

I just love baby showers and wedding showers and when I was designing some of my new dolls and patterns I decided that I wanted to design some centerpieces and favors for wedding showers and baby showers.

"It's A Girl!" and "It's A Boy!" doll centerpieces are two of those designs.

What could be cheerier on the table of a baby shower then two baby doll centerpieces surrounded by baby shower presents? Not much that I can think of.

Not much that "It's A Boy!" can think of either.

My reasons are to make the baby shower a success. "It's A Boy!" has reasons of his own which have more to do with how adorable he is.

You see, "It's A Boy!" just loves to be the center of attention and being the centerpiece on the table of a baby shower affords him all the attention he could ever want. Everyone always remarks at how adorable he is.

"It's A Boy!" is a 16" self-standing baby shower doll centerpiece with a square bottom. His body is made of flannel cloth and his arms are wired. His head is made of muslin and his face is outlined with a combination of black Micron Pigma Markers, watercolor pencils and colored pencils.

His eyes are quizzical and outlined with black while the whites of his eyes are painted with a white watercolor pencil. Peach shading outlines the tops of his eyes. The sides of his nose are shaded light brown and his cheeks are blushed and shaded brown and pink. Brown freckles dot his nose and cheeks and white paint dots highlight his cheeks and forehead.

"It's A Boy's!" blue shirt is made of flannel, is gathered at the neck and gathered at the sleeves.

He has thick straight hair that adorns the top of his head along the side seam. A matching blue flannel cap with a cuff that is embroidered "It's A Boy! with black DMC Embroidery floss sits on the top of his head.

He is carrying a matching blue flannel blanket in his right hand and has the thumb of his left hand in his mouth.

"It's A Boy!" isn't quite such what kind of a reception he will get. Based on past baby showers he, once again, expects to be the center of attention therefore making the baby shower a success.

You can't help but think it will be a success. Just look at his cheery and inviting face. Happy! Happy! Happy! Baby showers are joyful and happy times and "It's A Girl!" and "It's A Boy!" are their to make it happen.

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